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The State of Ease – Free eBook

Institute of HeartMath has a free eBook, State of Ease, for downloading that I have found full of helpful information. Add one more tool to your conflict resolution library. Your can download the color State of Ease PDF or black and white PDF from or directly from the HeartMath website. There is a “state of ease” that each of us can access to help release emotional turbulence...
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Considering Cutbacks? The Surprise Secret You Need to Know!

Economic times are bad!  Finances are tight!  I can’t afford to carry these people!  Sound familiar?  If you add your energy to this choir of voices in conflict, you are actually creating a reality that you don’t want!  How DO you deal with conflict and financial realities without adding your “energy” to a downward spiral? When change happens – like tight money – loss – unexpected events – don’t...
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Conflict Is The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving! You’re Kidding, Right?

Most of us grow up conditioned to believe that conflict is bad.  That is a myth!  And it’s a pretty destructive myth because it places all of us in a position of being bad in some way because we are in conflict within ourselves or we experience conflict with others. Truthfully, being in conflict is as easy as falling off a log!  With a little shift in perception and some help in understanding...
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