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“Alberta is a wonderful coach, she brings out the best and fine tunes the rest!”


Praise for Coaching

Individuals and Groups

“Alberta has been a great help through many trying situations in my life. Drawing from her professional experiences, she has offered multifaceted support, provided practical suggestions regarding next steps in dealing with conflicts, how to verbalize difficult communication, and how to see the perspective of the other people involved in knotty situations.  And when I asked, she has offered insights into the deeper spiritual components of the problem. Throughout every conversation, Alberta has consistently proved a compassionate and thoroughly engaged listener. “

Alberta succinctly provides keys to being masterful with conflict. She shows how natural the dance of life can be when you engage fully, integrate with that inner part of you that wants peace and make ready for the opportunities life presents to exercise this aspect of the real self.

“Alberta is a natural Spiritual Life Coach! She really gets the energy management work at a cellular level. And when she assisted me with several conflict situations, she helped me to come to a place where I not only understood the nature of conflict in a new way, I actually embraced the concept of the gift of conflict. She is a catalyst for my personal transcending of conflict as I previously experienced it.  Run! Don’t walk, to consult with Alberta on how she can help you awaken your ability to understand, manage and transcend conflict within yourself and then in your experiences with others – and ultimately become the peacemaker you really are!

“Conflict used to scare me.  I would bend myself into a pretzel to avoid it, which resulted in resentment and unhappy relationships…gave me new tools and confidence to face even the most challenging conflicts and resolve them so that both sides feel great about the resolution.”

Conflict is not a zero sum game which someone must win and another must lose but rather a catalyst for growth and change. Alberta’s insight into the dynamics of conflict is indispensable for the polarizing times in which we live and for those who truly desire to make a difference in the lives they touch.

“Life may throw us many curve balls and we have to find a way to make peace with it all.  That can be a difficult task.  Alberta’s loving guidance provides a compass for navigating our lives and show us how to anchor our trust…will stir a deep knowing in you and lift the veil of forgetfulness so you can weather life’s ups and downs.”

“Alberta has all the requisite qualities…insight, patience and tenacity…ability to get people to invest in excellence…has demonstrated uncommon wisdom…”

“I think Alberta’s greatest asset…is her empathy and concern for people…she is a very strong advocate…”

“I can’t let you go without telling you…how much your friendship and guidance has meant to me. I appreciate all the times I have been able to call you and seek advice about a personnel problem. I appreciate the professional manner with which you have carried out…your job and appreciate the changes you made in the operations…I appreciate your sense of humor and your ability to find the ‘lighter side’ during tense situations. Above all, I appreciate the warmth and friendliness you have shown toward me…I respect you for your commitment to your beliefs and your willingness to act for the sake of those beliefs.”

“One of my biggest lessons learned with Alberta is that despite best intentions, conflict may sometimes remain unresolved. These irresolvable situations taught me how to remain in good-will as well as define my choices, principles, and boundaries.”

“[Alberta]…has a strong interest in approaches to conflict resolution and a quite natural talent and effectiveness in the actual resolution of conflict…is articulate and persuasive…her interpersonal relationships are consistently positive…has demonstrated unusual creativity and sensitivity to opposing interests in effectively resolving problems between individuals and groups.”

“[Alberta]…is a highly effective communicator…has the ability to facilitate group decisionspersonality is winsome and persuasive…[can] express differing opinions and provide alternatives…”

Praise for work in

Businesses, Organizations, Educational Institutions

“Alberta…has significantly improved labor relations by …establishing a more problem solving, non-adversarial approach with union leadership and individuals, including the most recalcitrant employees. This has all but stopped union grievances.”

“In my position as labor counselI rate [Alberta] as the finest personnel administrator I have had the honor of working with. She is compassionate at the appropriate time but is a fine negotiator. She has a good legal mind, able to understand the fine points and implications of often obscure legal distinctions. She has also proven an excellent witness on the several occasions I have called her as a witness. She has also been of high value in helping to prepare cases and other witnesses.”

“Alberta is the consummate peacemaker. Her demeanor exudes peace. She has a phenomenal understanding of the nature of conflict, how conflict is a part of living, [and] how to manage it for good [results]. Her public presentations on conflict management are unique and very applicable. Her knowledge of the world of human resource management has been invaluable in the non-profit world in which I serve. As Executive Director of several of these organizations, I have relied on her HR and conflict management expertise to put them on firm foundations. Frankly, I do not know what I would have done without her. She is definitely one a kind.”

Alberta’s professionalism, knowledge, people skills, dedication, sincerity, and attitude are outstanding…has made great contributions in the areas of equity, evaluation procedures, instructional coaching, long range planning, in-service training, and handling of labor disagreements before they escalate to grievances…a great effort into making our numerous labor contracts more consistent, clear, and equitable.”

“I served with Alberta on an advisory board of a non-profit for several years. Over that time I learned from Alberta’s consummate skills as a mediator and bridge builder. Her training helped us work together effectively, setting and accomplishing important goals, even though the board members often held very different points of view. Her sense of humor, strong business background and ability to remain heart-centered in the midst of conflict was a key asset.

“We have since worked together in other organizations. I have always found Alberta’s conflict resolution checklists to help the organizations effectively run meetings and gain consensus on action steps. Her skill sets bring out a better spirit of cooperation and mutual respect necessary to get work done.

Conflict resolution seems to be an increasing need in our society today and this is truly one of Alberta’s specialties. She takes every opportunity to increase her skills…Alberta’s careful attention to detail and insistence on proper legal ground has been invaluable.”

“(Alberta) is an exemplary personnel director. She competently manages her responsibilities with intelligence, common sense, and warmth. She is equally respected by her fellow administrators and the employees she oversees.  I have observed [Alberta] handle stressful and difficult situations with calmness, poise and diplomacy.”

“Alberta is the kind of person you comes your way once in a long, long time.  She has it all together.  You just can’t contain your amazement at how all that talent, energy, intelligence, skill, poise, commitment and integrity—yes, integrity—got there.  I have been impressed with her insight into my field…into the theoretical base of conflict and the practitioner’s world of conflict management…She is a rare find.”

“One of her [Alberta’s] strongest assets is her ability…to orchestrate the outstanding performance of a group as a whole irrespective of the deficiencies of individual members by concentrating on group strengths and consistently reinforcing the positive contributions of individuals. She has the ability to perceive potential contributions of individuals and encourages a cooperative and sharing approach which produces a ‘team’ that is stronger and more productive than the mere sum of its parts.”

Accomplishments in Education, Presentations and Training

“One of the skills Alberta brings…is her exceptional teaching ability. She uses these teaching skills with custodians, the trustees, administrators, faculties, her community, and even the graduate class I taught last year. In every instance the people she teaches express a real gratitude for her extensive knowledge and competence. When she shares her knowledge, she does it joyfully and with a catching enthusiasm. People feel uplifted by the learning experiences they share with Alberta whether they are in administrative retreats, board retreats, or one-on-one teaching sessions…”

“I have been very impressed by the quality of the training our company received through Alberta. The outcomes were so good, that I encouraged several other companies and groups to use her services. Her training abilities have my unqualified endorsement. We will definitely be calling on her in the future.”

“Alberta has restructured the in-service training program…providing continuous instruction for supervisors in performance evaluations, employee discipline and documentation…resulted in improved morale.”

“Alberta did an outstanding job of addressing the [university] students’ questions …showed the students how much she cared about them as future teachers…the students asked me if Alberta would be able to return so they could talk with her again…has been such an inspiration to me and my students…is not only a Personnel Director, but a consummate educator.”

“The time and effort you spent in the [State Government] panel presentation…ensured the conference’s success…people rated your panel presentation as excellent …comments included …’Alberta was excellent…’ ‘Alberta was superb! A great message well presented. The best speaker yet.’ ‘Alberta had great information and statistics.’ ‘[Alberta] …was very well prepared.'”

“…How much we appreciated your participation in our [University] Student Teaching Seminar…the students were elated with the opportunity to spend time with you…”

“Alberta…has demonstrated a clear, intellectual understanding of often complex legal and procedural requirements and has shown the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of individuals and groups. She is a dedicated educator, able to organize material and people to accomplish important objectives.”  [Seven members of a Board of Directors]

“Alberta excels at extracting the best performance and discipline from students and staff alike. She is excellent at conflict resolution.”

“Alberta has demonstrated an excellent understanding of personnel management systems and procedures.  She has always handled…situations with professionalism and sensitivity. She thoroughly researches problems and analyzes alternatives in order to provide options for solving the matter.  She is scrupulously fair to employees, while understanding and articulating the requirements of the employer.  Alberta has outstanding organizational and leadership skills…works well with a variety of peoplecommunicates very effectively either orally or in writing…has conducted training programs…served on statewide committees to strengthen employer-employee relations…brings energy, good humor, knowledge and determination to any task or situation with which she is presented.”

Notes from Clients:

“Because you shared stories and because you gave examples of dialogue patterns which I never would have thought of, I have stopped forcing myself to accept the lie that this person/situation doesn’t matter. Instead of moving on and regretfully relegating another relationship to shipwreck, somehow what you said—I forget exactly how you worded it, but you said something about the relationship being more important than the issue. This was like a revelation somehow. I had permission to do what deep inside I felt was the right thing. I’m feeling more and more empowered to be my better self rather than my worst, hopeless self.”

“You know that teaching you gave about the cause of all conflict being mismatched expectations? I got it! And it changes just about everything! Many thanks!”

“What a different world this would be if this training were in schools. I hope that you and your ‘people’ can help this happen. If I had had this back then, I would not have given or received so much heartache.”

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.    –Theodore Rubin