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America Rosary to Unite the I AM Race



America Rosary

to Unite the I AM Race

Written and compiled by Alberta Fredricksen

The Rosary to the Immacutale Heart of Mary, the Blessed Mother, is one of the most oft given prayers throughout the world. The new America Rosary, prepared as a CD and Booklet which may be used jointly or individually for your convenience, offers mystical devotions to the Blessed Mother addressing her revelations and warnings over the past century.

Rosary CD

Rosary CD

According to the revelations, our devotion to her Son, Jesus Christ, and her Immaculate Heart are key to the restoration of world peace in these turbulent days of crisis, hotspots and the buildup of war throughout the world. This powerful Rosary is for those who desire to make a difference. Experience for yourself the intercession of the Blessed Mother and become a link in the Rosary chain of world peace through the Divine Intercession of her Immaculate Heart and Heavenly Hosts.


The America Rosary to Unite the I AM Race is a mystical rosary. It is a call to action for the I AM Race—those who are the sons and daughters of God of every race and nation. Using this rosary you can join spiritual devotees throughout the world in invoking the prophesied divine intercession required to overcome spiritual and political tyranny. Part 1 of the Rosary Booklet lays before you an understanding of the roles of America as a nation spiritually blessed to be the open door of freedom to the earth and of the I AM Race as the body of God through every race and nation. Furthermore, you will come to realize role of the individual devotee in sustaining heaven on earth. Part 2 of this beautiful rosary includes the text of the America Rosary. The America Rosary CD (51:45 minutes) features the rosary given in deep devotion by devotees of the Blessed Mother, heavenly inspirational and meditative music, and printed liner notes containing the words to the prayers and track information. The magnificent CD and Booklet cover design, Mary’s Diamond Heart Blessing by John Paul, Inner Artz, creates a stirring devotional visual focus.

In the AMERICA Rosary, you will gain a greater understanding of…

  • The spiritual sponsorship of America
  • America’s history of consecration to Mother Mary
  • How America’s victory is the KEY to the victory of planet earth
  • Why our Unity is required to place the Capstone on the Pyramid
  • Who and what is the I AM Race
  • An understanding of key prophecies
  • Why America’s victory is a planetary assignment for the I AM Race
  • How this NEW Rosary is designed to bring us into a greater sense of Oneness—with the Heavenly Hosts and with one another, and
  • How to pray for divine intercession that is the spiritual requirement for Lightbearers to have their independence from tyranny over mind and body.

Order your America Rosary today and join spiritual cohorts the world around in bringing about a resolution to world problems that can only be fully resolved through the higher power of divine intercession.

Table of Contents



Introduction to the Rosary

America’s History of Consecration to Mother Mary

The Sacred Bond

Earth has a Divine Plan to Become Freedom’s Start

The Spiritual Sponsorship of America

Who and What Is the I AM Race?

Immigrants to America Bear Witness

The Heavenly Hosts Bear Witness

Three Prophecies

Unity is Required to Place the Capstone on the Pyramid

A Planetary Assignment for the I AM Race

Call to Action


Saint Germain’s Prayer

AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race