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Coach on Call

Coach on Call

One-on-One Coaching and Coach on Call

with Alberta Fredricksen

The KEY to transforming conflict is to gain a greater understanding about what causes conflict and how you can shift what you think and feel about the presence of conflict. Then you can realize that conflict can be the gift that keeps on giving! Shifting your perceptions about conflict is the first step on the way out and the way UP!

With One-on-One Coaching, you can be empowered to better understand, manage and transcend conflict – to gain and expand your communication skills and to build stronger relationships – at home, at work, at school or in your social and spiritual organizations. Awaken that inner peacemaker wherever you are planted!

With my new Coach on Call program, you can pick up the phone to call me or send me an email when you need me. We will set sessions around a flexible schedule when YOU need them, not on a fixed basis.

Contact Alberta for coaching customized to you.

Here’s what a Coach on Call can do for you!

  • Tell your story and know you have been heard
  • Opportunity to ask questions you need to ask
  • Share and manage the feelings, doubts, and fears you are experiencing
  • Explore alternative actions and potential outcomes
  • Feel empowered to MAKE A PLAN
  • Know the next steps to take—what to say, to do or write
  • Know what NOT to do—and why

In One-on-One Coaching, we can work through the causes—the mismatched expectations—and you can be empowered to see the alternatives and choose what comes next. Together, we can customize how to meet your personal coaching needs:

  1. Single sessions for a specific problem or matter with follow-ups as needed.
  2. A bundle of sessions used over a period of time to meet different conflict situations, at home, with family, friends and coworkers; at work with business and employment issues; or in organizational or community activities as needed by you.
  3. For owners or managers of businesses and organizations, customized agreements to be “on call” for various issues on a monthly stipend for a specific time periods.

Contact me now.

“Because you shared stories and because you gave examples of dialogue patterns which I never would have thought of, I have stopped forcing myself to accept the lie that this person/situation doesn’t matter. Instead of moving on and regretfully relegating another relationship to shipwreck, somehow what you said—I forget exactly how you worded it, but you said something about the relationship being more important than the issue. This was like a revelation somehow. I had permission to do what deep inside I felt was the right thing. I’m feeling more and more empowered to be my better self rather than my worst, hopeless self.”

“One of my biggest lessons learned with Alberta is that despite best intentions, conflict may sometimes remain unresolved. These irresolvable situations taught me how to remain in good-will as well as define my choices, principles, and boundaries.”

“[Alberta]…is a highly effective communicator…has the ability to facilitate group decisions…personality is winsome and persuasive…[can] express differing opinions and provide alternatives…”