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Being Your Brother’s Keeper Means Stepping Up Spiritually

Stepping Up Spiritually is a basic element of being on any Path of expanded consciousness. It is really for each of us to interpret what being my brother’s keeper means in our daily lives. Fortunately, it is one of those phrases that needs little in the way of basic explanation.  It is the unexpected events in life that provide opportunity for us to truly put it to work.  Tomorrow, a neighbor...
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Considering Cutbacks? The Surprise Secret You Need to Know!

Economic times are bad!  Finances are tight!  I can’t afford to carry these people!  Sound familiar?  If you add your energy to this choir of voices in conflict, you are actually creating a reality that you don’t want!  How DO you deal with conflict and financial realities without adding your “energy” to a downward spiral? When change happens – like tight money – loss – unexpected events – don’t...
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