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Being Your Brother’s Keeper Means Stepping Up Spiritually

resume-disciple-cover-225Stepping Up Spiritually is a basic element of being on any Path of expanded consciousness.
It is really for each of us to interpret what being my brother’s keeper means in our daily lives.

Fortunately, it is one of those phrases that needs little in the way of basic explanation.  It is
the unexpected events in life that provide opportunity for us to truly put it to work.  Tomorrow,
a neighbor may fall down the steps and need physical assistance.  Hurrying on the way to work,
you may encounter a small child all alone and crying, and this may require you to take charge – to
move into action on behalf of someone else.

Maybe you notice a friend or family member who is behaving differently than normal, someone who is
withdrawn or depressed.  If they are not making a fuss that you need to deal with, will you ignore
the change of behavior or will you care – ask – and listen?

To take action and be your brother’s keeper, you must feel something.  You have a certain level of
empathy for the plight of others and you have the courage to act on it. 

Having empathy for others is having empathy for God.  Your feeling for God may be intense, and translating that feeling into action on behalf of your God, who is also residing in others, is a big part of the job.  You move into action just like you would on your regular job if your boss gave you a specific instruction about what you were supposed to do next.  What would you do if God sent you a memo saying, “Report to Carol; she is grieving over her loss.  Give her MY love!”

Being Your Brother’s Keeper

Look around you and see who has a need.  Wake up to that need and feel that urging from your boss – your own higher guidance.  And then know what your job description is telling you to do about it.  Learn how stepping up spiritually is as easy as following a job description that you can work from everyday.

Alberta Fredricksen provides a step-by-step road map to implementing plans for being your brother’s keeper in her book, Resume of a Disciple – Stepping Up Spiritually.  Check it out at