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Conflict Is The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving! You’re Kidding, Right?

Most of us grow up conditioned to believe that conflict is bad.  That is a myth!  And it’s a pretty destructive myth because it places all of us in a position of being bad in some way because we are in conflict within ourselves or we experience conflict with others.

Truthfully, being in conflict is as easy as falling off a log!  With a little shift in perception and some help in understanding the true nature of conflict, we can walk the log skillfully, with balance and reach our destination on the other side.

Some say that conflict is not good or bad – it just is!  It is opportunity staring you straight in the face This is where you are empowered to co-create with Spirit and the Spirit in others to embrace conflict and let it teach you how to create something better for you and others.

Aikido Master, Tom Crum, teaches that “Conflict is nature’s primary motivator for change.”  Change and conflict are frequent companions.  We often talk about needing a change – a change in direction – a change in pace – a let-up in the status quo – or to accelerate in one direction or another.  When you speak about change, conflict may be just around the corner.

Whether your change process generates conflict or not depends on what you think about conflict.  And whether you think it’s good or bad, just realize that you are creating your own reality.  Knowing that conflict has the potential for creating change, most of us can accept that conflict is natural, necessary – even desirable at times.

Conflict is opportunity!  If you can make this ONE perceptual shift to see conflict as a natural phenomenon that is actually motivating you to movement, to look at options, to make a choice, to make a move – then you can look forward to something different.  Now – that’s a gift!

Getting to the gift of conflict is a passion for Alberta Fredricksen, a Conflict Resolution and Spiritual Life Coach, who can help you understand just how natural conflict is and how it can be a creative force for change, empowerment and transcendence within and with others.  If you are looking for a greater sense of HeartPeace, visit her website at for more FREE resources and articles.