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1-on-1 Coaching and Coach on Call


Has this ever happened
to you?

You have been hurt by being in conflict with someone. You wish you knew what to say, or write, or do when this happens. 

Perhaps you are tired of feeling agitated inside. You wish you could quiet the inner turmoil. You would like to understand and then manage conflict in a new way when it comes around again. (And it will!)

At the moment of conflict, have you ever felt that you would like to have the backing or support of a coach in your court? With a coach, someone who knows how to find the opportunity to create new possibilities that lie within conflict, you can learn to move through those challenging situations and gain the know-how and mastery to attain resolution and better outcomes.

Better yet, consider how nice it would be to have a coach “on call” when you need one.

Because sometimes my clients desire the opportunity to meet with me when the need arises and not on a regular basis, I am offering my NEW program, Coach on Call With Coach on Call, you can pick up the phone to call or email me when you need me. We will set sessions around a flexible schedule when YOU need them, not on a fixed basis. 

If One-on-One Coaching or Coach on Call sounds appealing, please message me through my Contact page and we will customize a package that is just the right fit for you!

Remember, the KEY to transforming conflict is to gain a greater understanding about what causes conflict and how you can shift what you think and feel about the presence of conflict.  Then you can realize that conflict can be the gift that keeps on giving! Shifting your perceptions about conflict is the first step on the way out and the way UP!

With one-on-one coaching, you can be empowered to better understand, manage and transcend conflict – to gain and expand your communication skills and to build stronger relationships – at home, at work, at school or in your social and spiritual organizations. Awaken that inner peacemaker wherever you are planted!

It is rewarding to participate in the peacemaking process. As you gain communication skills, in knowing what to say or write and what to do and when to do it:

• You are empowered to harmonize and build stronger relationships with individuals and within groups.  

• You discover that sense of empowerment within you to meet difficult situations by learning how to recognize the cause of conflict, by learning and using personal energy management strategies and by utilizing tools and roadmaps to manage conflict and find resolution.

• You can move forward in delivering your unique gifts to a waiting world. 


FINAL-Alberta Enhanced Squ.Crop

Alberta Fredricksen, Coach on Call

You don’t have to do this alone.

Connecting with your own sense of Spirit and working cooperatively with me as your personal coach and with others on this life journey, you benefit from an expanded understanding about the nature of conflict and the opportunities for positive change that it stimulates.

With new tools, strategies, directions, skill sets and concepts, you will manage and resolve conflict. You can transcend and transform old, limiting perceptions with new ones that serve you better. When you are well served, you are able to better serve all the others that you desire to reach with your message, your products, your programs – and you become a peacemaker example among us!

My life experiences and specialized training have prepared me to help you as a guide – a coach – a facilitator – and a HeartPeacemaker, because I did it the hard way. I can make dealing with conflict easier for you. And you are empowered to choose what will best serve you. Accept the invitation to talk to me and then together we can customize the personal HeartPeace coaching program that is an exact fit for you!