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Rosary Audio Downloads

Thank you for accessing the audio files of the AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race.

These are large files and may take some time to download depending on the bandwidth provided by your internet provider.

The files download one of two ways, depending on your browser setup:

A) When you right click the button, a window pops up asking “Open with” or “Save file.” Click “Save file”

B) If a download window does not appear (if you are using Safari) and the file begins playing in another window:
1. Pause the audio player,
2. Right click the audio bar
3. Click “Save audio as…”
4. Pick where you want the file saved in the file window
5. Click “Save”


America Rosary Audiobook:

This spiritual rosary ritual is powerful and affirming. You will have best results with this enlightening combination of information and spiritual application if you follow these steps:

1. Read the book or listen to the free downloadable audio version:


This MP3 file is 93 minutes long and 177 Mb.


America Rosary Ritual:

2. Recite the America Rosary to Unite the I AM Race as often as you can. You may recite the Rosary alone reading from the book. Or you may use this special audio file to give the rosary along with other voices and enjoy musical selections:


This MP3 file is 52 minutes long and 99 Mb.