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America Rosary

Are you feeling overwhelmed and fearful for the future?


Have you thought “There has to be another way I can help to make
a bigger difference?”


There is a way! Use the Science of the Spoken Word 24 hours a day!

Choose to use Saint Germain’s technology and let the voices of patriots and devotees invoke the Sacred Word while you are awake or asleep!

Add this NEW audio CD release of the AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race to your library, and then to your computer, to your iPod or other favorite MP3 players.

Invoke this Rosary along with the voices and heart flames of others on the recording.

Play it continuously on your computer, in your sanctuary, home, car or while preparing meals, walking or moving about—even while sleeping.

Pray the Hail Mary to the Blessed Mother Mary for forgiveness for the abortion of souls in the womb and the abortion of the divine plan of America and all nations on earth. Let the Hail Mary, consecrated as Violet Flame resound around the planet for the mitigating of prophecies already far advanced, and for the healing and strengthening of each heart.

Mother Mary teaches us that each time we give the rosary, we are building a momentum of light and love that can spiritually buoy up those in need. She says the rosary can literally work miracles in turning back the negative portents of prophecy:

“Blessed ones, I live with the Fatima prophecy. I live with its message. And I go from door to door and heart to heart knocking, asking for those who will come and pray with me—pray the violet flame or the rosary or the calls to Archangel Michael. But above all, pray. For by thy prayer is the open door extended, and the angels come stepping through the veil to prevent disaster and calamity.” (1)

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Patriots and devotees among the lost Twelve Tribes gathered to record an audio CD companion to the AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race book that was published last year in time for the July 4th, 2012 celebrations of the Declaration of Independence.

Rosary CDAudio CD (51:45 minutes) contains: The AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race. Devotees of Mother Mary, Saint Germain and Jesus Christ join you in full voice as you invoke the AMERICA Rosary for uniting Lightbearers worldwide. This rosary alternates prayers and mantras with passages from adapted from the Ascended Master teachings and the Bible to awaken the memory of the souls of Light to the Mighty I AM Presence.

Additional AMERICA Rosary CD feature: Meditate to originally styled musical selections:

  • Finlandia by Sibelius—the Keynote of Sanat Kumara,
  • Ave Maria by Gounod, and
  • O Sanctissima, a Marian hymn.

The printed liner notes contain the words to the prayers and track information. The magnificent cover design, Mary’s Diamond Heart Blessing by John Paul Mathis and Inner Artz, creates a stirring devotional visual focus.

“Let the Christ in you magnetize those individuals, those loving and willing and worthy and capable chelas whom you require and, more importantly, that the Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain require to create a planetary Diamond Heart of spiritual freedom. Yes, though we cover this planet round, though we bring angels into the atmosphere of earth, a Diamond Heart which is the center of the spiritual foundation which is to be the predominant focus for the next two thousand years shall be sustained, for I, Mary, established the beginning of it.” (2)

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Book (76 pages) AMERICA Rosary To Unite the I AM RACE: In the Lineage of Sanat Kumara


America Rosary BookletIn the AMERICA Rosary, you will gain a greater understanding of…


  • The spiritual sponsorship of America
  • America’s history of consecration to Mother Mary
  • How America’s victory is the KEY to the victory of planet earth
  • Why our Unity is required to place the Capstone on the Pyramid
  • Who and what is the I AM Race
  • An understanding of key prophecies
  • Why America’s victory is a planetary assignment for the I AM Race
  • How this NEW Rosary is designed to bring us into a greater sense of Oneness—with the Heavenly Hosts and with one another, and
  • How to pray for the divine intercession that is right now the spiritual requirement for Lightbearers of planet earth to have their full and final independence from tyranny over mind and body.

El Morya, Chief of the Darjeeling Council said:

“We are not separatists regarding America. We say that this is the place of the experiment of the Great White Brotherhood and of the endowment of Saint Germain. We say that if the experiment fails here, it will not succeed anywhere else….Thus, America is more than a nation. It is yet a symbol to all people of the (ongoing) possibility for the realization of individual and world freedom. [The realization of this possibility] therefore rests upon the shoulders of those who have known freedom in the past, those who have embraced it and realized the expansion of the flame of Liberty in the heart.” (3)

What happens next is up to you and to me! It is a planetary assignment!

This Rosary is a sacred ritual, a time of holy communion with the Blessed Mother, that you may invoke alone or with others at any time or place you choose.

Mother Mary said, Let your celebration of the rosaries, then, in coming days and weeks and months be for the protection of this nation under God and your [respective] nations. All know that should America go down, beloved, [the nations will ask:] ‘Where shall any other nation appear?’ Therefore, wherever you come from, from wherever you hail, beloved, remember that America must not be allowed to fail or go down.” (4)

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Many call this new Rosary the I AM Rosary or Sanat Kumara’s Rosary. These are also appropriate names. For this special Rosary is a Call to Action for the I AM Race—the sons and daughters of God of every race and nation, all children of the Light, those of the lost Twelve Tribes, those who came with Sanat Kumara for the rescue of the House of Israel and the victory of Planet Earth.

Devotees using the NEW Rosary say:

America Rosary Booklet

  • I have been doing the rosary according to the format you sent and I am grateful for this practice. (New Jersey)
  • I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the beautifully done new Rosary book…I really LOVE it…I will cherish this and would like to get about 10 more copies for my friends and family. (Montana)
  • Doing this Rosary tonight again is just such a blessing,…I have asked for help concerning America, as I imagine many of us have…thank you… (Texas)
  • I am grateful we were able to do the work of the heart through the violet flame today throughout the world…Let the AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM RACE be the salve, at the highest level, to heal divisions and wounds of separation in our national psyche…Let truth be revealed in all matters of public life. Let America be re-consecrated to Mary’s immaculate heart, and to its own great God-design. (Texas)
  • A truly wonderful gift and achievement! Thank you! (Canada)
  • Thank you…it is beautiful…certainly a labor of love. What a joyful sound unto the Lord will ring when people start doing this. The Introductory material is wonderfully done. (Montana)
  • Thank you for the opportunity to download this book and for putting it together; it is much needed. (Montana)
  • The beautiful book America Rosary to Unite the I AM Race arrived…and we are very much enjoying it. Thanks for putting together this treasure for Mother Mary and America. We showed it to our study group on Saturday and they were impressed by the professional layout and content. Good job! (Virginia)
  • I just want to share with you that I experienced the America Rosary as so beautiful, affirming, powerful and profound. Thank you for bringing it forth! What a gift! (Illinois)
  • We recite Rosary for I Am Race and I have written two calls for this Rosary…These calls draw the mighty support and help from heavens. (Community in Russia)
  • Thank you very much for this wonderful Rosary—the America Rosary. God bless…your precious heart and the work from your heart that you just shared with us. (Ecuador)
  • I quickly read your new booklet with great joy and excitement! The timing for its release seems perfect. Clearly it will be a “game changer” for events on the planet. It will be a clarion call to action for many souls whose devotion will engage heaven as never before. How beautiful is this gift to Our Blessed Mother. Thank you for doing this great work! (Montana)
  • Thank you so much for this lovely and timely Rosary. I have attended…services where this Rosary was given. It is very powerful. I feel sure this will do much to bring into America and the world, the Golden Age Consciousness of Saint Germain and his Teacher and Father, the Great Divine Director…Thank you so very much. May God Bless you… (Illinois)
  • I want to thank you for your Rosary. It’s so wonderful that I can’t find enough words to express my gratitude… Everything in this book – from the cover to the content. (Moscow, Russia)
  • Beyond words!! I am so very grateful. Thank you!! (Montana)
  • Praise God for the gift of the America Rosary! …It is a powerful, focused ritual that shall surely do much reforming and transformative work! We are using it! (Norway)
  • Wonderful! What a labor of love and beauty you have produced. (Illinois)
  • Thank you for this gift of love to me, to the people of America, and to the world. (Texas)
  • This is a message of “Thank you and Bless you” for the wonderful gift of this Rosary. A magnificent accomplishment, a mighty blow for Freedom! (Norway)
  • I downloaded this formidable gift. Thank you so much for your labor of love. (California)
  • Thank you so much for all the love, time and insight it took to prepare the word for us. (Texas)
  • Thank you for your beautiful rosary and…vision and dedication…It was a great pleasure leading the rosary…Everyone loved it! (Czech Republic)
  • Thank you so much for…your beautiful book! It is so well done and I have started doing the Rosary in it…You have summarized and outlined the most important points for us. Great research! (Montana)
  • Thank you for the wonderful America Rosary that came through your caring heart. (Norway)
  • I got my copy at the…conference this summer. I found it to be a valuable and timely book. (Illinois)
  • I can’t wait to get a CD of the America Rosary so I can give it with other voices and also play it all the time in my home! (Montana)
  • The new rosary is stunning. (Texas)
  • A wonderful, timely spiritual gift!!! (Norway)
  • Thank you and the Masters for creating such a wonderful work!!! (New York)

“Therefore, I say to you, beloved, let this be the day of your full and final declaration of independence from the fallen angels and all servants of Darkness and corruption! …as you summon this Immaculate Concept of America that belongs to all of the I AM Race, all children of the Light of the entire world are included in the canopy of this dispensation; for the tribes come from all of the earth unto the feet of their Mighty I AM Presence. And this nation is the land consecrated to be the place where every man, [every woman,] wherever they may be, may commune with that I AM THAT I AM.” (5)
[Archangel Uriel and Aurora]

You have a choice!

A beautiful booklet, (76 pages; 8½” x 5½”) for you to personally hold in your hands that includes original artwork of Mary’s Diamond Heart Blessing as a powerful visual focus and upgraded interior page quality. It also makes an inspirational gift for those you care about. The booklet is only $12. See the Printed Booklet Ordering Information below.

The audio CD of the AMERICA Rosary is only $15. See the Ordering Information below.

FREE AMERICA Rosary eBook is accessible online because the victory of America and the earth depends on what all of us choose to do right now. This FREE eBook is available to any one wherever you live on planet earth as a download. It is offered with the fervent prayer that you will use the loving instruction, warnings and dispensations brought to us by the Masters and the Messengers to gain your personal, national and planetary Christhood. You may sign in below to access your complimentary PDF eBook.

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